Receive Personal Injury Therapy for Your Everyday Accidents

Zahn Chiropractic Clinic will help you adjust to a pain-free lifestyle in Shreveport, LA

Accidents can occur anywhere, whether you’re at work or at home. Zahn Chiropractic Clinic can treat any type of pain you’re experiencing as a result of:

  • A work-related accident
  • Negligence
  • A fall

Our chiropractors will learn how you sustained your injury and develop a treatment plan you can continue to follow at home. We employ a variety of therapeutic exercises to help relieve your pain, including cold laser therapy, spinal decompression and electrical muscle stimulation. Whichever treatment plan we choose for you, you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart.

Contact us today to get the chiropractic care you need to recover fully in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Don’t rely on medicine to treat your symptoms

Zahn Chiropractic Clinic uses natural practices to help your body heal. While pills can eliminate pain temporarily, we’ll teach you how to achieve permanent results and improve your overall health. With our assistance, you’ll be one step closer to living a pain-free life.

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